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Types of Kitchen Cupboard Doors

Types of Kitchen Cupboard Doors

The overall beauty of kitchen is measured by all aspects in it, including the wall painting, lighting, and even kitchen cupboard doors. Most of the time, people focus in selecting the cabinets, ranges, lighting, and kitchen islands that can be installed in the kitchen and neglecting this simple but important feature of a kitchen. No, really. You have to consider about the type of cabinet doors that will be installed in your kitchen. Of course, it will affect the overall appearance of the kitchen. Even, since the main furniture in the kitchen is the cabinets, it has great impact.

There are several kitchen cupboard doors that are popular in the market. The most common one used by people is the shaker door. It is characterized with its simple line and functionality. This kind of door is matched with any styles, especially the classic one. For those who love modernity, it is a recommendation to use the flat-style cabinet door. Usually, this door is created from laminate, which makes it very affordable. But don’t worry. There are various choices on the colors.

Meanwhile, if you like old or classic kitchen style, you might want to install distressed and inset kitchen cupboard doors. These two totally have the looks of old school. The distressed style is easier to find since many manufacturers provide this kind of cabinet door. In case you want something more unique, you can select the louvered style which employs small horizontal wood planks that often used for windows and doors.

The Finishing of Kitchen Cupboard Doors

The doors of your cabinets should be durable enough. Thus, you have to make sure the type of finishing when you are selecting the cabinets. There are five types of finishing, including vinyl, melamine, laminate, 2 pack, and clear polyurethane. Each has its own pros and cons. But for those who care about the budget, it is better to choose melamine or vinyl as these two are the least expensive among all. For those who seek for protection from scratches, it is a good way to select satin vinyl, 2 pack, melamine, or laminate for the kitchen cupboard doors

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