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A Review on Undermount Kitchen Sink

A Review on Undermount Kitchen Sink

Using undermount kitchen sink can be a solution for people who have problem with dirt under the usual kitchen sink. In fact, this kind of kitchen sink brings many benefits to the owner. What makes it different from the drop-in kitchen sink is the installation process. The usual sink is installed with pre-cut hole in the kitchen countertop. Meanwhile, undermount sink is installed under the countertop itself.

Of course, this installing method results in many advantages. Since there is no space under the countertop, the owner shouldn’t worry about any dirt entering this rim. Once there is any dirt or water that should be thrown into the sink, people just need to directly swipe it into the sink bowl. There won’t be any water or dirt left. Another benefit of undermount kitchen sink is its compatibility with many countertop materials. People can install it under countertop made from marble, ceramic, concrete, soapstone, or granite.

The beauty of undermount kitchen sink is unquestionable too. Since the edges of the sink are covered under the countertop, it improves its beauty. It makes the kitchen looks tidier too. What makes it even better is its wide range of availability. People can choose sink made from stainless steel, copper, solid surface, or cast iron. They can prefer the single or double bowl, along with the installation type of the faucet. Of course, it can all be adjusted to someone’s need.

The Cons of Undermount Kitchen Sink

Unfortunately, although this kitchen sink can be installed in many countertop types, it is not compatible with wood and laminate countertops. These two countertops are very vulnerable to water and aren’t waterproof. Meanwhile, since the installation process of this kitchen sink is harder than the drop-in kitchen sink, it is usually sold in more expensive price. The installer should install the sink in correct and appropriate way to prevent any water leakage. Somehow, it can be difficult too in replacing the sink later after installation. Thus, the owner has to make sure that he or she buys the best undermount kitchen sink available in the market

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